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Chiropractic is the world largest natural healing profession and the United States second largest primary health care profession, surpassed only by medicine.


The Chiropractic’s method allows the body to operate at its highest effective and efficient capacity to be healthy. Chiropractic is corrective and preventive health care that allows natural healing of the body without invasive drugs or surgery.


The body has an incredible ability to heal itself.   The nervous system is the “command and control center” that coordinates all the body’s systems and organs. The nervous system begins at the base of the brain and runs down the spinal column of the back.  Nerves come out of the passage-ways of each vertebrae reaching to every muscle, organ and bodily system.  Any restriction within the nervous system create three major problems:

  • Weakens the normal function(s) of the body

  • Keeps the body from healing itself naturally

  • Lowers the body's ability to defend itself against potential illness and disease


Chiropractic treatment is based on these nervous system principles.  It is through Chiropractic adjustments and treatments that the nervous system is brought to proper functioning, allowing the body to self-regulate and heal.


"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas Edison

Chiropractic Method
Sunnyvale Chiropractor

We specialize in restoring a properly functioning nervous system. We work to understand how and why our patients bodies are not properly functioning and then develop a comprehensive care plan to return them to health.

Services and Techniques

Sunnyvale Chiropractic Doctors is proud of the quality chiropractic care we provide to our patients. Below is a quick description of our services.


Chiropractic Care

We provide advanced spinal and joint correction utilizing state-of-the-art technique and equipment. Advancements over the last decades in chiropractic technique, equipment and imaging give us better capabilities today then ever before.


Corrective Exercises

Beyond office treatments we provide each patient a specifically designed set of stretches and exercises to strengthen and help correct their own unique problem.

Lifestyle Advice

We advise our patients on activities that should avoided or eliminated while treatment is needed to return them to the activities they enjoy most.   True health and wellness is a collaborate effort between doctor and patient to achieve optimum strength and overall health.

Services and Techniques
Sunnyvale Chiropractor, neck pain

Specific chiropractic adjustments and treatments of the spine and joints return these musculoskeletal areas to their proper position. This will result in:

  • Relief to associated pains

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Increased mobility

  • Allow the body to self-regulate and self-heal


Spinal adjustments

The spinal adjustment is the most common Chiropractic treatment because a vertebral subluxation (see subluxation) is the most common affliction (see Chiropractic Method for treatment philosophy).  Sunnyvale Chiropractic Doctors utilize three primary spinal adjustment treatments:

  • Traditional adjustment – treatment uses a standard chiropractic table or chair.

  • Drop technique adjustment – treatment uses a integrated drop table for a number of mid to lower back adjustments.

  • Activator adjustment – This is a highly developed hand held device that provides gentle adjustment mostly to neck, upper back and highly acute areas.



A vertebral subluxation is when one or more joints of your spine are not moving with normal range of motion.   When this occurs pressure is placed on the spinal nerves that then interfere with the nerve signals and the part of the body affected by those nerves.  


Example, you can have a subluxation in the middle back, the nerves that flow from that vertebra are connected to your digestive system.  The upset stomach you feel is not the problem, it is a symptom, the subluxation is the real problem.


Numerous research studies have shown a small amount of pressure on spinal nerves have a tremendous negative impact on the function of those nerves and the organs/muscles they are connected to.  A subluxation that is left unattended can create further complication in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood supply surround the subluxated vertebra. These complications can range from slight pain to serious biochemical abnormalities.


So that upset stomach has lingered and now you have a knot in your back that can ranges from uncomfortable to highly painful….both are symptoms, that left unattended can result in deeper issues.   Medical doctors will provide prescription drugs for the symptoms.   Leaving you with a “chronic” condition that has not addressed the real problem.   Chiropractic addressed the real problem.  This explains why when you tell your chiropractor my stomach hurts they look at and adjust the vertebra associated with the nerves that lead to the stomach.


Sunnyvale Chiropractic Doctors goal is to return your body to full function and allow the body to heal itself.  Regular health and maintenance adjustments help to address real problems before symptomatic issues can arise. 


Sunnyvale Chiropractic Doctors realize not all chronic conditions can be solved by chiropractic alone.  Many disease and bodily malfunctions are well served by the medical community, but many are not.   Talk to our doctors about your issues and see if chiropractic can help.

Chiropractic Treatment
Sunnyvale Chiropractor, joint adjustment
Sunnyvale Chiropractor, neck adjustment
Sunnyvale chiropractor, vertebrae
Sunnyvale Chiropractor, preventative care

The human body has a tremendous capacity to heal itself physically, and manage stress more effectively when the nervous system is properly operating. Chiropractic offers healing without surgery and drugs by simply allowing the nervous system to do what it does naturally.

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