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Sunnyvale Chiropractor, diagnosis
Why Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a health care that promotes wellness by returning the spine and joints to their proper position.  Chiropractic offers preventative health benefits by keeping your body balanced, flexible, and functioning its best.​ Benefits include:

  • Pain Relief

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Increased mobility

  • Better Posture

  • Better Respiration and Cardiovascular Benefits

  • Improved Immunity

  • Stress Relief 

  • Improved Sleep

  • Allow the body to heal itself


What is That Pop?

Chiropractic adjustments normally produce a “popping” sound called the osseous release.  An adjustment is really a therapeutic intervention of a joint (any joint of the body including the spine) that resets the joint to operate properly.  The osseous release comes from rapid stretching of joint tissues that surround the joint capsule.  Pockets of gas within the joint tissues (that are inhibiting mobility) are stimulated by the rapid stretching and create the “popping” sound.


After the adjustment the joint will have increased mobility but still may be tight or sore. 

Sunnyvale Chiropractor, wrist adjustment
Physical Therapy
  • Rehabilitation after a back or neck injury​

  • Rehabilitation after a sports injury​

  • Comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation to determine the cause of and best treatment for acute or chronic pain

  • General strength training

  • Manual therapy, which uses the massage and manipulation of the     body's soft tissues to relieve pain and promote healing

  • Scoliosis program to treat curvature of the spine​

Preventative Care

The essence of Chiropractic health care is in the fact the our spinal column and our nervous system are closely related. From the brain, the the spinal cord extends down, inside the spinal column and  then individual nerves exit the spinal column between each vertebra. Everything that makes you alive is housed inside your spine.  That's why we must keep our spines healthy.   Chiropractic care, therefore, can affect a variety of conditions, both to improve and to maintain health.


Chiropractic is an important part of any wellness routine, just like exercise and diet. Consistency is the key, by treating problems before they become more serious issues, and possibly preventing problems from developing in the first place.

Sunnyvale Chiropractor, vertebrae diagram

Spinal adjustments

The spinal adjustment is the most common Chiropractic treatment because a vertebral subluxation (see subluxation) is the most common affliction (see Chiropractic Method for treatment philosophy).  Sunnyvale Chiropractic Doctors utilize three primary spinal adjustment treatments:


1. Traditional adjustment – treatment uses a standard chiropractic table or chair.

2. Drop technique adjustment – treatment uses a integrated drop table for a number of mid to lower back adjustments.

3. Activator adjustment – This is a highly developed hand held device that provides gentle adjustment mostly to neck, upper back and highly acute areas.



A vertebral subluxation is when one or more joints of your spine are not moving with normal range of motion.   When this occurs pressure is placed on the spinal nerves that then interfere with the nerve signals and the part of the body affected by those nerves.  


Example, you can have a subluxation in the middle back, the nerves that flow from that vertebra are connected to your digestive system.  The upset stomach you feel is not the problem, it is a symptom, the subluxation is the real problem.


Numerous research studies have shown a small amount of pressure on spinal nerves have a tremendous negative impact on the function of those nerves and the organs/muscles they are connected to.  A subluxation that is left unattended can create further complication in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood supply surround the subluxated vertebra. These complications can range from slight pain to serious biochemical abnormalities.


So that upset stomach has lingered and now you have a knot in your back that can ranges from uncomfortable to highly painful….both are symptoms, that left unattended can result in deeper issues.   Medical doctors will provide prescription drugs for the symptoms.   Leaving you with a “chronic” condition that has not addressed the real problem.   Chiropractic addressed the real problem.  This explains why when you tell your chiropractor my stomach hurts they look at and adjust the vertebra associated with the nerves that lead to the stomach.


Sunnyvale Chiropractic Doctors goal is to return your body to full function and allow the body to heal itself.  Regular health and maintenance adjustments help to address real problems before symptomatic issues can arise. 


Sunnyvale Chiropractic Doctors realize not all chronic conditions can be solved by chiropractic alone.  Many disease and bodily malfunctions are well served by the medical community, but many are not.   Talk to our doctors about your issues and see if chiropractic can help.

Sunnyvale Chiropractor, vertebrae
Sunnyvale Chiropractor, Pregnancy adjustments
Sunnyvale Chiropractor, adjusting children


For many women pregnancy equals - lower back pain. The causes for the pain include; shifting of weight-bearing structures, hormonal changes and laxity of connective ligaments. Chiropractic care has been proven to provide pain relief by helping to normalize the body's nervous system.  



Kids can benefits from chiropractic too! Even children with no pain or symptoms can receive "wellness" benefits from regular chiropractic visits.

Spinal Problems can begin as early as when the child is born. Birth Trauma and stress from a difficult labor, use of forceps or during a Caesarean section delivery can injure your baby’s spine. This can cause a vertebral subluxation which restricts your baby’s joint motion.

As children begin to walk, they take hundreds of falls. In the early years they are always falling off bikes, out of trees, etc. All of these small traumas add up and eventually start to affect the spine.

How many of you have taken young children to have their teeth or their eyes checked? Most of you probably have. Now how many of you have taken your child to a chiropractor to have his or her spine checked? If you never have, I wonder why not? People will think nothing of having braces put on their kid's teeth and spending thousands of dollars just so they have straight teeth. But they will never have their spine checked to see if it is straight.


The research regarding the effect of chiropractic care on kids is amazing. A 1989 study which compared 200 children who had seen pediatricians with 200 children who had been under chiropractic care showed that the health of the children who had seen chiropractors was notably superior to that of children brought up under standard medical care. The chiropractic children, for example, had fewer ear infections, allergies, and cases of tonsillitis, and therefore required less medicine.

It has been proven that adjusting the spine to relieve nerve pressure has a direct effect on the immune system. It also makes sense that a better functioning nervous system makes for a better functioning body as a whole.

Chiropractic has been shown through research to be an excellent choice for wellness care. Your children deserve to have their full potential utilized as they grow. Chiropractic care is a very important part of your children's health care. Please make an appointment to have your child's spine checked on a regular basis. Dr. Cady has helped numerous children and infants as young as seven days old. We can check your child's spine today to make sure your child is in great shape! Bring your children in and let us check them today! 

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